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Sun, Jan 27th:Regular Meeting

posted May 12, 2015, 5:37 AM by Brian Silva   [ updated Jan 27, 2019, 6:11 AM by Kent Hartig, MAJ CAP NER-MA-007 ]

Sun, Jan 27th:Regular Meeting at an Alternate Site as it is the Army National Guard’s Drill Weekend:

 Aaron Lazare Building, UMass Medical School, 55 N. Lake Ave, Worcester

$ 200.00 is due TODAY if not yet submitted: Make check or money order payable to: CAP MA-007

Uniform:  Wear ABUs/BDUs or CAP Corporate

1615 - 1625:  Arrival

1630 - 1645:  Opening Formation

1645 – 1730: Emergency Services

1730 - 1815:  Aerospace Excellence Module I

1815 - 1830: Break

1830 - 1915: Leadership/Flight Time/Drill & Drill Testing

1915 - 1930: Closing Formation


There is free parking at this facility, IF you arrive between 1415 and 1425.  Please be on time, as it is cold for the individuals manning the gate.


Gate Security and Tardiness

Serving at the gate is not an exciting duty.  It is one that can only be performed by senior members.  

Respect is a Core Value, and showing up at the gate without your ID readily accessed and/or showing up late are signs of disrespect.

It is unfair to ask a senior member to leave a special presentation, for example, because you are late.

If arrival time is within a 15 minute range, that is the arrival time.

Plan accordingly.  

If you are early, wait at White City Plaza, for example, until you can arrive at the designated arrival window of time.

If you need to arrive at a different time, this should be noted via the call down by noon on the preceding Saturday: Cadets and Senior Members alike.