There are TONS of resources available to our members.  Some of the most important are listed below for your reference only. Please double check the sources you are using are the MOST RECENT version of the publication.

                                                     UNIFORM POLICY

          1.  No first blues uniform until your first promotion to Cadet Airman.  You will need to purchase the white
                V neck tee shirt (males) or camisole (females), the tie tack (males), your black dress socks and black 
                dress shoes.  We will supply your first  name tag, tie or collar tab (females), blues belt, blues trousers,
                and blues short sleeve shirt.
          2.  Traditionally, ABUs had to be paid for by the cadet's family in the past.  However, we have a supply from MA
                Wing.  As long as we have stock and have your size, ABUs blouse and pants will be provided for your first
                promotion dating  Jan 1, 2017 onwards.  This goes for all cadets.  You will need to purchase your brown 
                tee shirt ($ 8.00), belt ($9.50) and cover ($ 10.00) which we have in stock.  You will need to purchase boot                          
                socks & black combat boots on your own.  Once we are out of stock we will all need to purchase our ABUs 
                in their entirety.  Senior Members need to pay for their ABUs.

          3.  You will NOT get uniform items or accessories if your hair and grooming standards are not within regulation.

          4.   Ordering Uniforms or Uniform Accessories: Read Carefully!
                Cadets AND Senior Members need to send your item requests AND sizes if applicable to:   

                 Please be as specific as possible:  Blues or ABUs
                                                             Blouse or Pants or both
                                                             Tie or Collar Tab
                                                             Tee shirt
                                                             Insignia, ribbon holder, blousing bands, etc

                Uniform fitting is by appointment only.  
                You will be informed when to report for  your appointment.

                The first priority is blues and ABUs for newer cadets who have just earned their Airman or A1C. 
                If you do not know how to measure a uniform item, go to  Click onto 
                Civil Air Patrol, then onto uniforms, and look for the uniform item. There is a sizing chart below.
                Do not show up for uniform items unless you have been given an appointment.  The supply 
                cadets need to see if they have your size available and may need to order items.

                No uniform fittings at the end of the regular meeting.

                If there is a specific question or concern, please address that in your e mail to the 4 people listed above.
                The tentative goal is to have uniform fittings once per month, to coincide with Color Guard practice.

CAPM 39-1 - Uniform Manual

CAPR 52-16 - Cadet Management Regulation

Ribbon Rack Builder - To check how to arrange your ribbons for wear on blues or CAP equivalent

MWF 12 - 3 - Used as a hold harmless agreement between Massachusetts Wing and any member.  Used for most activities within Massachusetts.  

Other Links to valuable resources:

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